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09 Nov 2017

Being Actor/Actress is just about body ?

On Saturday, November 4, 2017 this article is posted: looking for-bibit- new
The article is based on interview with me at the press conference of the launching of official poster film Benjamin starred Reza Rahadian.
The article titled: Hanung Bramantyo: I am still looking for new talents today, quoted me saying ‘It's not easy, being an actor, let alone male one. As for females, that's easy. Put it simply, you're beautiful. That's it. That's the requirement.’
The quote has framed me as if I degrade and belittle Indonesian female actor profession as merely body-exposing profession with no intellectual exploration. To be honest, I regret the's decision of quoting my statement without revealing the context of the event that leads to the statement, which eventually, makes my statement biased.
The context from which my statement came from is a question, "Why am I still working with actor Reza Rahadian in Benyamin Biang Kerok Falcon Pictures? Aren't there any new talents of Indonesian actor?" I answered there are many talented actors and actresses in Indonesia, but only very few are accepted by the Indonesian film audience, as much as Reza Rahadian is loved. (I mentioned Reza just because the interview context is question about Reza Rahadian). The quote may lead people to assume there are so many requirements for a male actor to meet if he wants to rise in Indonesian film industry; compared to female actor condition, in which we find new faces almost every 2 -3 years.
My word ‘Put it simply, you’re beautiful. That’s it’ in the interview was not in purpose of ‘simplifying’ or positioning actresses as merely selling-body profession. The sentence should not necessarily be posed in any purpose because I have other statement whose context and essence fits to the title of the above article. I said the film Benyamin Biang Kerok will be released in March 2018 to match with Benyamin Sueb's birthday, and the film will rise a new incarnation of Ida Royani, an actress who always co-starred Benjamin S in his films.
Indeed I have not revealed who the actress was in the press conference on Saturday, Nov. 4, 2017, with the intention of intriguing viewers' curiosity. But I have stated my efforts in searching for new talents of actor and actress in Indonesian film industry in the press conference. I also revealed a scheme of how to put a new star on the spotlight, that is by partnering the star with an already popular actor / actress. Among his first appearances in the film industry, Reza Rahadian was co-star of Revalina S Temat in Perempuan Berkalung Sorban and Bunga Citra Lestari in Habibie dan Ainun film. Unfortunately, my statement is not quoted fully, which causes the purpose of the sentence to be biased. Even worse, it leads to impression of me degrading women’s role.
Thus, I’d like to clarify and apologize for quotation of my statement. I regret that the statement is expressed in any context or purpose. I really understand that the actor and actress profession is not solely a matter of body. I oppose to anyone attempting to exploit woman's body for any cause. I express my standpoint in my films Perempuan Berkalung Sorban; Tanda Tanya; Hijab; Rudy Habibie; and lastly, Kartini. Even in films that highlight men as the main characters, such as Soekarno; Sang Pencerah Rudy Habibie; I always show women with independent characters in equal position as men.
In the film Hijab, produced by me and my wife, I clearly state my allegiance to modern and independent Muslim women; yet it ultimately reaps the controversy among the Muslim audience itself.
Therefore, in deep regret, I truly apologize to every women, mothers, wives, and female friends for my statement that has been said and quoted. I hope this will be a priceless learning for me. Regards.