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Dapur Film, MD Pictures, and MVP Pictures Collaborates to remake the film Catatan Si Boy

Si Boy's record is a very famous Indonesian film series in the '80s and '90s. MD Pictures is also working with two production houses at once namely MVP Pictures and Dapur Film, ready to present a reboot version of the film to make it happen.

At a press conference, it was also announced a row of cast in Si Boy's Note. Angga Yunanda and Syifa Hadju were chosen to play the two main characters, Boy and Nuke. For Angga Yunanda himself playing Boy would be a formidable challenge. However, he is sure that the collaboration between MD Pictures, MVP Pictures, and Dapur Film will be able to make the film Note Si Boy interesting to watch. Besides Angga Yunanda and Syifa Hadju, there is also Alyssa Daguise who plays Vera, Rebecca Klopper as Ina, Arya Vasco as Jefri, Carmela van der Kruk as Ocha, Gemi Nastiti as Melly, Ara Ajisiwa as Ambar, Diandra Agatha as Susan, and Naimma Aljufri as Charma. Si Boy's notes will tell the life journey of Boy (Angga Yunanda) starting from his love conflict even to his life which can provide many lessons from this film. For the continuation of Boy's life story, it can be seen in full in the 2023 film ''Si Boy's Note''. -Source: coil.com

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